Limited Business Opportunity (Blue Ridge)

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Profitable investing just got easier, tastier and GUARANTEED! We are pleased to offer you a limited opportunity to invest in our growth, and help us fill barrels of handcrafted whiskey and/or bourbon which will both grow our supply AND YOUR WALLET!!!

We hereby offer a barrel investment program where we place your investment solely in barreled whiskey or bourbon with investment returns dependent upon the length of term you choose. Minimum investment is $500 per barrel with a 1-year or two-year term option. At the end of the term, you will receive the interest gained on your barrel(s) and may receive return of your initial investment in full, or you may re-invest it in another barrel. The percentage of return are as follows:

6 months of aging delivers a 50% return
1 year of aging delivers a 100% return
2 year of aging delivers a 200% return

Your investment is secured in a bonded barrel of spirits, protected by the Federal government, and which cannot be touched or relocated until it is ready to bottle, or with permission from the proper agency. How can we offer such generous rates of return? The current profit margins on craft spirits are at a record high compared to mainstream brands.

WE ALSO offer generous franchising opportunities to open your own location in your exclusive market using our product line, or by creating a brand(s) of your own. We also offer shares of our company if you wish to be a part owner in our continued growth. All of these opportunities are offered at a minimum of cost compared to others and our proven lines of over 100 spirits have a waiting market to grow and expand. Join us today in making great spirits and earning great profits. Please contact us for more information. Cheers!

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