TARPON NITE TRIPS (Upper and Middle Keys)

TARPON NITE TRIPS SPRING 2024 (Upper Middle Keys)

march thru june 2024 march thru june 2024 march thru june 2024

we are now in full-fledged tarpon season....you have the choice of:
fishing during the day, when the conditions are hot and muggy and over-run/over-crowded by other errant, disrespectful boaters and anglers and the moody tarpon are disturbed, spooky, deep and uninterested in feeding
fishing during the sunset and throughout the evening, during premium outgoing tides with the stars out, the cool temps when all of the bothersome boaters are back at the bar or their hotel and the jumbo, beautiful tarpon are high in the water column, happy, carefree, looking for food and munching their balls off.
there is no comparison !!! we will absolutely get 5x more bites than any daytime charter, subject to/reduced only by extreme weather aberrations or conditions. I am the king of night poon fishing and will fish any time (necessary) during the night to guaranty you the best lunar tides....sometimes, even midnight to daybreak.
we average anywhere from 10-15 (actually 12.3) tarpon bites per evening; usually on the lower end if we are successful in hooking and fighting the fish all the way to the boat for the true catch/release....if we do not hook and fight a fish all the way to the boat, you may be assured of many, many bites throughout the evening...for the uninformed, each tarpon fight can last for hours which will certainly cut into your multiple fish catching time and the total amount of bites.
i am a fully licensed and permitted, native Floridian, US Coast Guard certified and fishing guide for over 25 years, and promise you that you will be fishing in quiet protected inland waters of no more than 12 feet deep, not more than 1/2 mile from the highway and within 10 minutes from the dock....how can you beat that ?
i will provide the tackle, bait, ice/bottled water, fishing license and expertise for you.....and you will bring your snackfood, specialty drinks, raincoat and a good attitude.
please respond if interested in fishing or if you are just curious .... or if you have any other questions whatsoever about the Keys. btw, my prices are better because i am an independent guide/outfitter with no association nor
obligation to any marina, lodge, bank, partner, agent, promoter, website nor wife.

capt RA

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